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About Wayne Bennett

Wayne Bennett began his association with the piano technology field in the early 1970's. He was mentored by his father-in-law, Norman Fletcher, whose father was also a piano tuner. In fact this fine trade was adopted by a number of family members across the country.

Over the years, Wayne has worked for piano stores like the venerable Viner Music Company in Bangor Maine. They carried everything from guitar picks to Steinway Grands. It was quite an education to have a tremendous variety of pianos coming in every week which had been taken in trade. These pianos had to be restored and prepared for resale.

Wayne considers it an honor to tune for some of the finest piano teachers in the area, as well as their hard-working students. While it is a thrill to work on high end instruments, he also finds it very rewarding get the humble spinets working properly again for the benefit of young students as well.

One particularly fulfilling facet of his business relates to the restoration of family heirlooms. Many of these instruments were bought by beloved family members who are now gone. These piano provides a real connection within the family, not only between the present generation and the past, but with the future ones as well. 


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